DIY: Plushie Heart Earrings

Expect more DIY's from now on - I really enjoyed making these earrings and tutorial for you! I got the inspiration from Bubbles Tokyo and I had all my leftover heart cutouts from my backpacks too. I don't like to waste after all!

With these bad boys, you can have endless cuddles when you're out an about or opt for a quick snooze on the bus, they are so super cushy and soft!!

I hope you guys try it, it was super easy and probably took me 20 mins if I wasn't filming the whole process. Please let me know how you go and what you would like to see more in the future!



Hello, I'm a ghoul out for a feed...but cocktails and hitting up some clubs beforehand ;p ! Also, I meant Ghoul as in Tokyo Ghoul, one of my favourite animes that I religiously watch every week. If you like supernatural, action, lots of deathgore, it's FOR YOU! I really want a deadly Kagune (cool weapon that morphs out of their bodies, comes in an assortment of sizes and shapes, each one is unique to the individual) to whoop some serious ass. I'd be happy to take requests too!

american apparel top, ultra suite (super old) silk halter, choker by malibu 1992 (gogo philip).

I've been watching so many animes lately! I've been sick so lying in bed all dayyyyy... :D

Hope you are all happy and well and not sick!!



Sorry I've been neglecting my blog so much :( it's makes me sad. But I promise to keep a log of all the creative activities I've been doing from now on!


Cheer Team 14

Long time no post! It has getting super chilly on this side of the hemisphere so layering, skivvys and high socks have been a staple with most of my outfits. Add a pair of white sneakers to the mix (I have been wearing nothing but my oc x adidas platforms ever since I got them - hard to find a replacement) and I couldn't keep my inner cheerleader from coming out to play. 

Here's a compilation of my fave 'cheerleadery' thangs lurking in my wardrobe, :).

1. This velvet little number; No.com dress gift from Bella of Worship the Fallen. This online store is full of cheer leader skirts and sets with a cheeky twist.

More after the break!



Hello from HK! I'm showing my boyfriend around my hometown, it's his first time so lots of sight seeing, eating and shopping! We're staying at the W for my b'day so I just couldn't resist making some pics up in here... ;p

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Prismatic core online

I've had my eye on those fluffy motel crop halters lately. But what's more fun and more importantly, economical (been so good saving for JAPAN in April) than making your own! Here's a tutorial on how to make a basic halter neck that I did a while back... I chose a downy fluffy material and bias seam ribbon from my local fabric store. It's like a dreamy cloud :D.

More after the break! 
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