Cheer Team 14

Long time no post! It has getting super chilly on this side of the hemisphere so layering, skivvys and high socks have been a staple with most of my outfits. Add a pair of white sneakers to the mix (I have been wearing nothing but my oc x adidas platforms ever since I got them - hard to find a replacement) and I couldn't keep my inner cheerleader from coming out to play. 

Here's a compilation of my fave 'cheerleadery' thangs lurking in my wardrobe, :).

1. This velvet little number; No.com dress gift from Bella of Worship the Fallen. This online store is full of cheer leader skirts and sets with a cheeky twist.

2. Omweekend 666 top; present from babe Maya Kibbel! I tend to stay away from this brand because it's everywhere you turn but it's actually really nice quality, they use the softest thick cottons for their shirts. <3 p="">

3. Sweater and skirt thrifted in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. It says candy is dandy but sex wont' rot your teeth. Playboy forever!

4. G.V.G.V 's latest has been inspired by cute college cues and to top it all off, the classic bunny backpack (got mine from harajuku, you might recognise him from Chin Chan!).

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Usagi Hanami

sretsis playsuit, asos turtleneck, myob socks, vintage silk jacket

Kinji stands as my favourite vintage superstore in Tokyo! I couldn't believe my luck yet again when I bagged this cute rabbit hanami jacket. The standard yakuza standard of tigers and dragons as well as those touristy JAPAN variety of this type of jacket are in abundance as I've discovered on my visits. So you know you've really scored a rarity when one of your best friends who have the utmost taste in vintage clothing requested this item to be handed to them in your will...while she prepares a poison.



Hello from HK! I'm showing my boyfriend around my hometown, it's his first time so lots of sight seeing, eating and shopping! We're staying at the W for my b'day so I just couldn't resist making some pics up in here... ;p

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Prismatic core online

I've had my eye on those fluffy motel crop halters lately. But what's more fun and more importantly, economical (been so good saving for JAPAN in April) than making your own! Here's a tutorial on how to make a basic halter neck that I did a while back... I chose a downy fluffy material and bias seam ribbon from my local fabric store. It's like a dreamy cloud :D.

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From my experience, Sporty Spice (after Scary) used to be the least coveted 'spice' when it came to primary school lunchtime role plays. Girls would fight and cry over Posh and Baby. There would be that one girl who would automatically assume Ginger like it was their destiny. There was always the one that would storm off and rather not play when they didn't get their way. 

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DIY: Crop Halters from Old T Shirts

Have a bunch of cool old T shirts you only ever wear to bed these days? Being a reformed T shirt collector I had a stash with super cool graphics but they were a horrible fit and some had just seen better days. With the weather heating up, on this side of the world, I initiated a salvage operation...

Here's what I came up with, an easy way to revamp those forgotten tees for summer in just 6 easy steps. Watch my video below and be sure to let me know how you go :). I'm sure there are plenty of awesome childhood tees that haven't seen the light and I'd love to see them!

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Do it Do it Disco

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Hope you all have a great day and hope that you get to enjoy it with those dearest to you.

I'm excited to share this shoot with you, taken back in August with a good friend of mine, Jonathan Rae. It's now published in Haunt Mag issue 7: Destination Unknown. You can see the full spread right here!

I got so many goodies from my trip, we decided to pull a few things out, scale walls, climb fences and break into some awesome locations for a shoot around Brisbane.

Thanks to the team at Jump From Paper, I scored this limited edition Caramel bag to play with for the shoot. I've been a fan of their unique, animated style since day one!

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