Cheer Team 14

Long time no post! It has getting super chilly on this side of the hemisphere so layering, skivvys and high socks have been a staple with most of my outfits. Add a pair of white sneakers to the mix (I have been wearing nothing but my oc x adidas platforms ever since I got them - hard to find a replacement) and I couldn't keep my inner cheerleader from coming out to play. 

Here's a compilation of my fave 'cheerleadery' thangs lurking in my wardrobe, :).

1. This velvet little number; No.com dress gift from Bella of Worship the Fallen. This online store is full of cheer leader skirts and sets with a cheeky twist.

More after the break!

2. Omweekend 666 top; present from babe Maya Kibbel! I tend to stay away from this brand because it's everywhere you turn but it's actually really nice quality, they use the softest thick cottons for their shirts. <3 p="">

3. Sweater and skirt thrifted in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. It says candy is dandy but sex wont' rot your teeth. Playboy forever!

4. G.V.G.V 's latest has been inspired by cute college cues and to top it all off, the classic bunny backpack (got mine from harajuku, you might recognise him from Chin Chan!).

Is blogspot old school? Who still goes on here :p


Rachael said...

crying bc of your sailormoon phone case

Joel Mcloughlin said...

Wends your phonecase and all your outfits I cant even, just all too good ^______^


the clueless sweater dress and the bunny bag... i want them so bad!

megcasson said...

Such cute outfits, love your style.


Izzy said...

I love all of these looks, so cool <3

The Quirky Queer

Lil Ashton said...

That's such a big, awesome bunny!

Annabella S. said...

Hi! Would like to ask how much would shipping to Singapore cost for the furry drawstring bag?

Jayachandran Elango said...

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